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Shashwani provides the right jewellery for you. We provide jewellery for everyone, from bridal to casual, classic to modern. Our jewellery is handcrafted by the greatest craftsmen out of genuine love and care for our customers. We go above and above to give you the best, high-quality, and most affordable jewellery services because we care about our customers. Every piece of jewellery, in our opinion, has a story behind it. Our jewellery reveals a story of the finest craftsmanship,...

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Our founder, Mr Rupansh Ashwani, has always had a passion for creativity, and along the way, he discovered a love for jewellery and strives to come up with ideas for ornamentation that combines simplicity and refinement, as well as tradition and modernity, yet still manages to stand out uniquely. His goal is to combine his passion for jewellery with sophisticated marketing techniques and innovation through the latest technologies.

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